The current law (The end of life vehicle regulations 2003) now requires that all end of life vehicles (ELV’s) that are being disposed of must be presented to an Authorised Treatment Facility. Your ELV will be collected and taken to an ATF. This is essential for minimising the environmental impact.

If you feel that your car has no value and reached the end of its life, we can still dispose of you vehicle for free, and pay you cash for your scrapped car.

All Types of Vehicles Wanted For Cash

Once you have completed our online form we will contact you, to discuss your vehicle & will guide you through the scrapping process. Scrapping your car for cash is easy!

We Collect Your Car FREE – No Admin Costs – No Fees

All Scrap Cars collected by us are disposed of and do not end up back on the road, giving you the peace of mind that your car has been scrapped legally.

Any Vehicle collected by us is NOT going to be sold onto someone else for a profit or end up back on the road as a death trap. We also inform the DVLA that the vehicle has been collected and scrapped.

We complete all of the relevant paper work on our arrival and we also instantly inform DVLA that the vehicle has been scrapped.

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